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Here's an update to the latest on the taboret table--

I've attached some images of our next table in progress. I've modified the design slightly to improve functionality. The two major changes I made are, 1) the compartment that holds a brush cleaning tank is now wider to hold TWO tanks and 2) we engineered the right side cupboard to contain a trash can with a slide out cover that opens and closes for easy access to the trash can. I couldn't be happier with these modifications--the guy building it did a marvelous job! I'll post some pics once the taboret is finished. I'm envious of this 'new & improved' table since it's not mine and be shipped out to an artist in CA.

To incorporate the feedback I've gotten from this thread, as well as the survey (take it here ), we're now working on 3 separate tables that can be attached to each other to make a taboret similar to this custom design. The 3 tables separate tables are:
1) the center unit w/paint drawers and palette
2) the left unit w/hinged cover, compartments and shelf storage
3) the right unit w/trash can and slide out cover

Each table will have its own set of casters to work alone as an individual unit. And each table will have the capability to attach to one another to work as a single unit. I think this will be great because you can start out with the center unit and add additional units as your budget and studio space increases! We're still working out this design but I hope to have a prototype put together by end of March. I'll post an update once we've figured out the details...
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