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Michael Fournier Michael Fournier is offline
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Everett Raymond Kinstler's Studio

Caption from E.R. Kinstler's book Painting Portraits from which this photo is taken:

This photograph of my studio illustrates the entire setup: the large window (the shade at the sill is completely furled), the fluorescent attachments on the window, the easel holding the canvas in the same light as the model sitting on the model stand, the mirror over my shoulder.
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Michael Fournier
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Jeanine Jackson Jeanine Jackson is offline
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Wonderful space. I am impressed by the oriental rug so near his canvas. When I get painting, brushes do sometimes fall.
Jeanine C. Jackson
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Chris Saper Chris Saper is offline
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When I do a painting demo or exhibit I use an oriental carpet, too.

But I got mine a Costco for $59. It's cotton and lightwieght, and doesn't show spills. If I am doing a guest demo, I need to protect the floor in some fashion, and this looks a lot better than plastic and an old beach towel.

When you are busy working at the easel and giving a presentation, no one pays very close attention to the carpet. (Or, if they do, it's time to spruce up the presentation.)
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Old 01-27-2003, 04:24 PM   #4
Elizabeth Schott Elizabeth Schott is offline
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I have an oriental knock off from Homegoods too! It is excellent for hiding everything, especially pastel dust! Of course the lovely wall-to-wall beige carpet it partially covers is quickly becoming a faux-oriental, or perhaps an abstract area "look" rug, with the lovely foot prints of my dog and all the spots, because nothing seems to land on the oriental in an accident!

Michael, does he ever say how large the window is? It looks massive. I don't think I ever got a response about the problem with a model stand for my studio, he seems close to his. I can't see the photo as I am typing, but I recall him being pretty close to it, so was the model eye level?
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Cynthia Daniel Cynthia Daniel is offline
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Home Depot and Lowes have some decent looking Oriental repros.
Cynthia Daniel, Owner of Forum & Stroke of Genius


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