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Need painting tips for a beginner...

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I
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Welcome to the Forum! The first thing to do would be to use the "search messages" feature at the top of Forum pages and search on the terms you mentioned. All these subjects have been covered in depth in the past.

After reading the past posts, if you still have specific questions, then post each one separately rather than multiple questions in a single post.
Cynthia Daniel, Owner of Forum & Stroke of Genius


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Michael Georges Michael Georges is offline

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About verdaccio and shadows.

You can indeed substitute Titanium for Flake in your verdaccio mixture. It will dry slower unless you use some type of medium with a drying agent in it.

I have always felt that the shadow areas are kept transparent because they are generally painted with darker colors of which many are transparent. Further, many painters scrub their darks in and that also will contribute to transparency.
Michael Georges
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Regular and consistent work from life will improve your portraits.
Drawing skills are the foundation of all an artist does.
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JJ Yang JJ Yang is offline
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Thank you Michael and Cynthia... I will certainly take consider your comments during future paintings.
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