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I second everyone's words here, I prefer that beautiful portrait with a simple background.
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I'm a little late to this one but I wanted to say that the reason your grandfather's works so well--even better, in my opinion, than the one from the modern art gallery, is that the figure is not only a strong color but a LARGE, strong color. It is also separated from the small strong colors by a halo around her head which helps to focus the eye. In the case of your portrait, if you want to keep the background brighter in honor of your grandfather's style, then my suggestion is this:

Where the figure is so realistic, make sure the background is crisp (as was suggested before). Also, make sure the background colors are very close in hue and value to each other. For example, an orangey pink and a reddish pink both of the same value. Then, if possible, reserve the darkest and/or lightest values for the figure. I would also be sure to add some reflected bright colors onto the skin of the figure or it will look forced onto a fake background. A matching halo of similar shapes but slightly different values, like your grandfather's, might not be a bad idea, either.

Just my two cents. And given inflation, it might only be worth .000000002 cents.
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Sorry I I'm late


Hello and thank you for your comment
I'd like to think that my best work is ahead of me, simple is great & at times it's enough, but at other times it's just not enough to settle with. Painting is about problem solving and it's a constant search, I have to get into trouble to come up with something satisfying.


Hi, Thank you for your 2 cents, I live in the 19th century so thier value might be higher than you actually think.
I've been analyzing that portrait for a long time, 1st glance It looks complex but it's execution is actually very simple...the value in between the white letters on the dress, halo and the dark letters for her hair, is the canvas itself no color.

In the case of mine I tried to avoid the halo I thought her vail would help frame the portrait instead, I'll rethink that. Also, the issue of painting her dress realistically or painting it as numbers, because I wanted to unify the painting I didnt want her to look forced onto the background.

I'm repainting it now, your suggestions have been very helpful thank you
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