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I'll join in by simply adding my complete agreement to what Chris and Marvin have said.

However, on the issue of Flake White, I realize that W&N's Flake is ground in Safflower Oil, so it may dry more slowly than the same pigments do when ground in Linseed. Moreover, depending on whether you use their Flake No. 1 or No.2, there are different ratios of Lead Carbonate to Zinc between them. The one with more of the Zinc pigment (No. 2, I think -- I can't remember exactly) would dry more slowly. Anyway, the bottom line is, if you want all of your colours to dry relatively uniformly and, particularly, to dry as rapidly as your alkyd colours do, why not add an alkyd medium such as Gamblin's Galkyd to your non-alkyd colours?

If you feel this may make them too medium-rich, then you could drain some of the vehicle (linseed or safflower) out of the paint first by putting the paint blobs onto a piece of absorbent paper for a few minutes. Then, put them onto your palette and mix in the drop(s) of alkyd.

Just some thoughts.

All the best,
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