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Tom . . .

I recall finding this tonal information from Loomis quite a few years ago, and as sometimes seems to happen, serendipity stepped in to help me see and understand what Loomis was saying. At about that same time, I registered on both the Christie's and Sotheby's art auction sites. When viewing the thumbnails of art for sale on these sites, I was suddenly struck with how clearly I could see the "Loomis Effect" as all these little thumbnails of painting sat there on my computer monitor. Having so many to see all at one time, I could see how the majority of them followed the ideas of having three or four values, especially in portraiture. Your mention of Dan Greene reminded me of the two times I studied with him . . . I heard him say many times, "Never pass up an opportunity to simplify." I think that's one of the principles Loomis puts forth in his ideas . . . keep the composition simple.
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