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There is somewhere buried in this long thread a discussion on "The Golden Mean." James Gurney, of Dynotopia fame, recently discussed the topic on his blog in his usual thoughtful manner.

There are five parts to his discussion that he titles: "Mythbusting the Golden Mean." The first part is here:

The whole purpose of our thread here was to focus on composition and try and discover the "why and the how" of how things should be aranged.

Mr. Gurney conludes his discussion with this:

"Art cannot be reduced to any absolute formula. The golden conditions are situational, not preordained. A great creation pierces our hearts through an unexpected combination of factors. Beauty arrives in the night and hovers just outside our window, shifting and shimmering, floating just beyond the reach of our strings and calipers, unwilling to fit into any box we build for her."

Well said, Mr. James Gurney.
Mike McCarty
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