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There's a good deal of discussion right now in the Forum, primarily in the Critiques and Cafe areas, about the fundamentals of representing form -- creating the appearance of three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. That's one of the points of working with the antique and anatomical plaster casts which are the subject of this thread. A step-by-step demo may be in the offing, but for now I wanted to add to the list of such objects the so-called Asaro "Planes of the Head" model. Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether it's still available for purchase.

Those who have John Sanden's book or video have seen the Asaro model he uses for illustration. If you haven't seen it, there are attachments following this note. Drawing and painting (grisaille) this model many times, in many lighting variations, could go a long ways toward understanding the form-defining light effects, and be a good introduction to the more sophisticated (softer transitioned) models.

A 1999 article on John Asaro suggested that the model was still available from Planes of the Head, 40 Sunset Drive, Shelby, Ohio 44875, for $57.00, including shipping. I can't find any direct web reference on this, and I'm "geographically challenged" right now to check out that source, but anyone who's interested could follow up on it with a postcard or phone call.

Anyway, here's what the model looks like:
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