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Hi Marcus -

I lift the paint globs out with a palette knife. I either turn the palette to let the drops of water run off or just let them evaporate. Sorry, I'm not that big a technician, but it hasn't been a problem.

I've just started using this palette with the water. What I am trying to learn now is to recognize when the paint is getting dryer than I want after it's been sitting a while and .....letting it go. It takes so much paint and time to pre-mix my colors that it can be somewhat painful to do.

The painting I'm finishing now I have been working on a month. I added a little bit of clove oil to the stiffer paints to extend their drying time. They then went into the water. I got by with re-doing the entire batch only once mid-way, and then at the end, I just mixed a few colors fresh on the palette, since I didn't need all the paints to use at that point.

My preference would be to freshly mix my paints every time I sit down at the easel, but life interferes. I work full-time at a stressful job, have the usual household duties, and am trying to build a portfolio and do commissions. So this works for me.
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